5 Steps to Getting out of Debt

Most people know that you can go to for advice or for more information about mortgages and refinancing. But, how do you get out of debt, so that you can apply for a home loan? There are different ways that you can get out of debt, but this is just the top 5 steps that you should consider, that will make sure that you are getting out of debt fast:

Prioritize your debt

You should prioritize your debt and make sure that you are paying the most essential debt first. Normally the debt that you are behind at, is the most essential and is those that you should consider repaying, before anything else. And, when you are not behind anymore on any debt, keep on paying until it is paid in full. Then, you can go to a mortgage broker for a mortgage loan.

Cut your credit cards and don’t use it again

If you have credit cards, and most people do, you should cut up all your credit cards and don’t use them again. Credit cards are the one thing that many people are using, and this is the one thing that is getting people in financial trouble in the first place. The moment that you don’t use your credit cards anymore, it will start to get better in not time. With your credit score improving, you will have more success with the mortgage brokers.

Make a spending

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The difficult task of qualifying for student loan refinancing

Trying to get a student loan refinancing, is really hard. There are many students that are trying to refinance their student’s loans, but are getting real problems with qualifying. This is because of many different reasons. It is important to make sure that you know as much as possible about refinancing your student loan, before you’re actually considering it. Here is some information that you need to know before you’re making the final decision.

Why do students consider refinancing?

There are many students out there that are considering student loan refinancing, because of different reasons. The most common reason why students are considering refinancing is because they can’t afford the premium anymore, and is trying to get another cheaper loan.

There are also other reasons why you might want to get an approved refinanced student loan. Some are just looking for one that is offering more benefits or that are giving more money if they want to study further.

What you need to know about refinancing student loans

Getting a student loan refinanced, is really hard and sometimes even impossible. This is because this isn’t something that is done at a regular basis.

And, if a student really wants to consider student loan refinancing, they should have a good and valid reason for it. It is also a great option if you can have someone that is going to co-sign the contract for you. This is so that the … Read the rest...

career scholarships

Career-Based Scholarships

As you get further into your degree, things such as career and major-based scholarships become apparent. For each major there are unique scholarships that can be attained. Many require a good academic history with a standard GPA, but they are tailored to your major.

For example, if I was an accounting major I would be able to find different scholarships based on that. If I looked for scholarships relating to business majors I’d find even more scholarships.  From there, I’d most likely have to write an essay for the scholarships, submit my GPA, and turn in any other qualifying factors.

Many scholarships can be found through schools. Most schools have a scholarship geared towards each major. These scholarships are usually competitive and highly sought after. The majority of students want as much money as they can find, so being proactive and seeking out scholarships is essential if you truly want the money.

There are also opportunities to find major-based scholarships online. Sometimes a school scholarship may not pull through, so searching online for more options is a good choice as well. By googling your major you can find all sorts of opportunities. Deciding you major is a tough task, so it may help you decide what to pick depending on scholarship opportunities.

The first thing that I chose was accounting scholarships. It should be easy to find and it’s a simple major that’s fairly popular. Googling “accounting scholarships”, a key … Read the rest...

need based scholarship

Need-Based Scholarships

Scholarships are given out for numerous reasons, but one of the largest reasons is how badly you need the money.

The biggest need-based grant or scholarship is the Federal Pell Grant. Unlike federal loans, there’s no need to pay the money back. After the money is distributed to the school there’s not a reason for you to pay anything back to the government to replace the grant. It’s important not to confuse the Pell Grant with student loans. Student loans are required to be paid back, but grants are money given to you without the expectation to repay them.

Usually, the Federal Pell Grant will go to students in need. Those with a high expected family contribution will be ineligible for the Federal Pell Grant. Also, the grant can only go to undergraduate students who don’t have a degree already. Additionally, it is not possible to receive the Pell Grant if there is criminal activity, such as being incarcerated or having an involuntary civil commitment after completing incarceration.

need based

If you fit the criteria to receive the Pell Grant, there is a maximum of $5,815 to get during the 2016-2017 school year. This is not the guaranteed grant, however. The government will look at the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. From there, they will look at the financial need and cost of attendance at the school you hope to go do. After this, they will see if you are … Read the rest...

D1 scholarship

Competing for Division 1 Scholarships

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the most sought out association of college athletes. Oftentimes college athletes are looking for a scholarship if they want to play at the college level. To get a scholarship there’s a few things to know.

Firstly, there are three athletic divisions within the NCAA. There’s D1, D2 and D3. Division 1 is where to go if you want the biggest scholarship and the biggest recognition.

Division 1 schools are both big and small. Division 1 is much more well-known than the two divisions beneath it. They typically offer a wider range of sports with top notch facilities to practice in. Along with that, they are where the media attention is. Out of collegiate athletics, D1 is where the spotlight is the most. Because of this, Division 1 is where the best athletes in the country generally go.

To be D1 athlete, talent for the sport is required. It’s where the best high schoolers go. It’s not only the best athletes from the US high schools, but from around the world. It’s highly sought after to play for a D1 team. Playing for a D1 team is where the most scholarship money will come from. Competition is fierce, but if you are left handed, you are going to have an advantage making it to this level of competition.

Another option is a Division 2 school. It is similar to a D1 team, but … Read the rest...

payment plan

University Payment Plans

Student loans are expensive, but there are alternatives. Many schools set up a payment plans. With the payment plan there will likely be a contract between the student and school to pay off tuition gradually as the semester progresses. This allows a student to go to school without worrying about student loans. If there is enough income to support it, this is an excellent option.

Granted, with payment plans, there may be a small fee to pay. Most likely it will be less than 40 dollars. In the long run, even with the fee, you will pay less than you would if you took out a student loan to pay for the semester’s or school year’s tuition.

This is a good option for the working class who may not be able to afford it in bulk. If you get paid on a regular basis, you can contribute to the tuition of your school monthly. Paying the cost of tuition monthly will allow less money owed, which means paying less after college. In addition, you aren’t accruing interest if you pay it off write away.

In comparison to the government, a typical loan comes with an interest rate of 3.76%. For both Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, you will pay back 3.76% in interest, plus a small fee of around 1% of the total loan. If you pay month by month, the school usually offers no interest rate at all. … Read the rest...