Career-Based Scholarships

Edward Johnson   July 14, 2016   Comments Off on Career-Based Scholarships

As you get further into your degree, things such as career and major-based scholarships become apparent. For each major there are unique scholarships that can be attained. Many require a good academic history with a standard GPA, but they are tailored to your major.

For example, if I was an accounting major I would be able to find different scholarships based on that. If I looked for scholarships relating to business majors I’d find even more scholarships.  From there, I’d most likely have to write an essay for the scholarships, submit my GPA, and turn in any other qualifying factors.

Many scholarships can be found through schools. Most schools have a scholarship geared towards each major. These scholarships are usually competitive and highly sought after. The majority of students want as much money as they can find, so being proactive and seeking out scholarships is essential if you truly want the money.

There are also opportunities to find major-based scholarships online. Sometimes a school scholarship may not pull through, so searching online for more options is a good choice as well. By googling your major you can find all sorts of opportunities. Deciding you major is a tough task, so it may help you decide what to pick depending on scholarship opportunities.

The first thing that I chose was accounting scholarships. It should be easy to find and it’s a simple major that’s fairly popular. Googling “accounting scholarships”, a key result was the American Institute of CPAs. Skimming the site brought me right to the scholarships. First thing is there’s a scholarship what will give $10,000 per year for a full-time accounting student with a 3.0 GPA. The highest scholarship on the page has a $12,000 payout per year. This is renewable each year and equates to roughly six thousand dollars per semester. However, this large scholarship is for doctoral students. Anyone planning to be a certified public accountant can apply. There’s opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Accounting isn’t the only area with scholarships. There’s many other areas of business that offer scholarships. In addition, almost any other field is going to be offering scholarships. Popular majors include Journalism/Communication majors, different science majors and areas in the fine arts.

It’s important to look closely at the requirements and apply to scholarships accordingly. Always keep in mind the deadlines required because if you miss a deadline your application is automatically declined.

Some scholarships are purely merit based, but many need an accompanying essay to go along with. The essay is just as important as the merit accomplishments. Many people slack on the essay, but in some cases this outweighs the academic requirements.

These scholarships will most likely be easier to find at a four-year university. In community college it can be harder to obtain a scholarship while completing general education requirements, but oftentimes more scholarships are offered at a university.

This is due to the major being concretely decided. Along with this, university is significantly more expensive than 2 year schools. This being said, more money is needed to pay for four year institutions. Another factor is that in university, especially near the end, you have more credits relating to your major. All of these things make the scholarship application appear more suitable and relevant towards your career goals.

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Ultimately, school and organizations have money that they are willing to distribute towards scholarships, but the scholarships will still be hard to grasp. Everyone going to school is looking for a discount, so it’s competitive out there. Especially if you go through your school, many other people with the same major are going to go after the scholarship. The larger the school, the harder it will be to obtain the extra money, so if you’re going after these education-based scholarships, be prepared to fight.