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Competing for Division 1 Scholarships

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the most sought out association of college athletes. Oftentimes college athletes are looking for a scholarship if they want to play at the college level. To get a scholarship there’s a few things to know.

Firstly, there are three athletic divisions within the NCAA. There’s D1, D2 and D3. Division 1 is where to go if you want the biggest scholarship and the biggest recognition.

Division 1 schools are both big and small. Division 1 is much more well-known than the two divisions beneath it. They typically offer a wider range of sports with top notch facilities to practice in. Along with that, they are where the media attention is. Out of collegiate athletics, D1 is where the spotlight is the most. Because of this, Division 1 is where the best athletes in the country generally go.

To be D1 athlete, talent for the sport is required. It’s where the best high schoolers go. It’s not only the best athletes from the US high schools, but from around the world. It’s highly sought after to play for a D1 team. Playing for a D1 team is where the most scholarship money will come from. Competition is fierce, but if you are left handed, you are going to have an advantage making it to this level of competition.

Another option is a Division 2 school. It is similar to a D1 team, but … Read the rest...